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July 200 Club

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The 200 Club monthly Saturday night junior sporting event is in recess for the summer and will start again in September

However the announcement of the junior sportsperson of the month and monthly draw went ahead as usual on Saturday 30th July

The junior sportsperson of the month for July was awarded to Emily Osipova.

This month’s cash prize winners are

1st prize £100 – Clare Cottle
2nd prize £70 – Ron Merriman
3rd prize £50 – Neil Paterson

The next 200 Club draw will be held on the 27th of August

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Racqueteers Match Reports

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Racqueteers Vs Westbourne (again) – 19th July 2016 by Ian Collier

T’was once a hot summers evening, the trees stood silent and the moderate easterly which blew across us warmed our skin and reminded us of days of yore now long since past.

As our eyes burned in the evening sun, insects danced in the wavering heat and all around there was this palpable stench which brought back memories of those long halcyon days where drying leather and unkempt cricket bags were an all too familiar smell. So pungent was this strange aroma that it even begun to take on undertones which some said were not-too dissimilar to that of fish which had been left out in the sun. Nevertheless, a band of brothers we were, united, and determined, regardless of later consequences, to brave the BBQ that had so kindly been provided by Pete Wilson and his team at Seacourt. Special thanks should go out to him and his merry band of sous chefs, Linda Medlow and Pete Robertson.

Earlier however we had played cricket..

We started as strangers on that lazy July evening in Hayling park and had ended up in pretty much the same way. At some point James had become Simon, Neil had become Nick and some ne’er had a name, simply being referred to for most of the game as “that chap in the hat”.

In a break from what some might say was a traditional 11 players that make up a cricket team, the Racqueteers this year have chosen to take on a somewhat more modernistic approach to the number of players being fielded in a team. Never afraid to court controversy, the previous week we fielded a team of 10, the week before that 9 and this week we chose to select a team which consisted of 13 players, all of whom were eagerly warming up, drinking cider and awaiting the start of the game in their crisp white flannels.

A decision needed to be made and so, In contrast to the actual rules of cricket and, after much debate, we settled on playing a team of 12 to face the might of Westbourne. This feat was achieved by affording James (nee Simon) & Nick (nee Andy) twin roles in what was to become a cricketing-duo, aka one of them was to bat and the other was to bowl. The logic being that if perhaps we didn’t tell the other team about this underhanded skullduggery, they might not notice the difference between a tall bearded guy with an Aussie accent bowling and a short bald headed English guy batting. All of which seemed to make perfect sense to us at the time. Max Trueman was made our 12th, ahem 13th, man. A role shamelessly sold to him by James Grant.

Hearing young Max being coerced into the role of non-playing 12th man with words like “honour” and “privilege” being banded about broke even the toughest of hearts on that day. Hardened cricketers were seen with bowed heads listening as Max was told how carrying the scoreboard from the changing room and running backwards and forwards in the hot sun fetching drinks for the players were roles that he should regard as being “fun jobs”. No doubt in the forthcoming years Max will look back fondly upon what James so eloquently described to him as being a “learning curve” in his cricketing development. Only time, perhaps, will tell.

With our team now decided upon, we won the toss and elected to bat. The order as given to the scorer was; Mark Mc Murrugh and that friend of James’s to open the batting. Andy Jameson 3. Neil the tennis guy 4. Chap in the hat 5. Nigel 6. Collier 7. Grizzer 8. James Grant 9. Matt from Bentley Walkers (who, by pure coincidence, is also a “Walker”, at least I think that’s what the spectators were shouting) 10, and Simon Flynn 11.

The game got underway and our innings and subsequent score began to build in earnest. The temperature was very high out in the middle and it wasn’t long before Batsman McMurrugh began to struggle in the soaring heat and he was soon asking for drinks be brought out to him on the field. The first over had only just been completed, so 12th man Max did the honours (perhaps that’s what James had meant) and took out for both our batsmen some much needed refreshment. Unfortunately for Max, in his haste, he overlooked the need to seek prior approval from the skipper before entering the field of play. This meant that he was later to fall foul of fines chairman Grizzer and a levy of £1 was duly imposed for his misdemeanour. Mercifully however, James did, and very kindly you might say, later agree to waive Max his £5 match fee, so it was not all bad for the plucky young scamp afterall.

Despite the heat, our openers dug in and set about the task of posting a decent score, which they did without much in the way of hindrance or delay. The only break in their momentum coming when scorer Grant Snr needed help in showing him how to enter a “Six” into our scorebook after new Racqueteer Andy Webber despatched the ball over the boundary without it actually touching the ground first. A bedraggled and confused group of Racqueteers then learned that this is apparently is called a “six”. McMurrugh finally succumbed to a fine delivery, silencing his critics by scoring a well earned 30 and Webber went on to make a decent 36. Aside from Neil McCue running himself out by not paying any attention to where the ball was and Matt Walker’s golden duck, the rest of the Racqueteers innings was a fairly uneventful affair and our total score from 20 overs was paltry 101 for 9 wickets.

As the teams changed around, Racqueteers knew they would need to bowl and field well in order to win the match and it wasn’t long before all the weeks of fielding practice in the pre-season began to pay dividends. The first Westbourne scalp was gleefully claimed by James Grant in the first over who, on knocking over their openers stumps, celebrated by leaping gayfully in the air before making a “whoop” sound toward the umpire who took the noise as being some form of appeal. Once it had been explained to James that bowling a batsman out didn’t actually require an appeal, it was time for Simon Massey, bowling from the Bacon Lane end, to search for our second wicket.

With Westbourne now on the ropes, that chance soon came in the form of a catch to our keeper Mat “Teflon” Walker whose normally steady hands this time let him down and he failed to hold onto what, for him, was a regulation catch. The ball ending up on the ground despite a highly entertaining juggling act and Teffers having more than enough goes at grabbing hold of it. And Racqueteers bad luck didn’t end there, for in the 3rd over, yet another chance came Teffers way although this time, apparently, and according to him, the batsman didn’t actually touch it. A claim that was soon dispelled by both the umpire and the batsman who, on seeing the ball on the ground, happily admitted otherwise.

Regardless of fortune, Racqueteers pressed on, they smelled blood and Westbourne had shut up shop. Grant claimed another wicket, Massey joined the party with his first wicket and after 8 overs the visitors were reeling at a mere 26 for 3. With just the 12 overs left in the game and with Westbourne needing a somewhat unlikely 76 runs to win, Simon Flynn was brought into the attack despite, when being asked to bowl, responded by saying “Are you sure?”. Racqueteers go-to bowler strode to the wicket with an air of confidence that was tantamount to his ability and soon the ball was sailing off to the boundary. Westbourne took 16 off Flynn’s 1st over and 12 runs off his second. Not even the steady seam up dobblers from Grizzer at the other end could stem the ever growing flow of runs. Several excellent “knee stops” from Nigel Ireson and tidy late spells from Andy Jameson and Neil McCue took the game to the final over but unfortunately Westbourne reached their target with 5 balls to spare – giving them a 2 – 0 lead in the 15 match series.

Nominate – Matt Boulton for the next match report.

Racqueteers v Hambledon CC 5th July by James Grant

Following a dubious call from Master McMurrugh…… I was asked to write this week’s match report………. No respect…….

As the revival of Seacourt Racqueteers began to gain momentum following a narrow loss to Westbourne CC, the next enemy was Hambledon Cricket Club; The home of cricket. The amazing back drop of the rolling hills in the south downs, the bat and ball pub, what could be better for this exciting Racqueteers side.
Team Jameson’s (Lara J to be honest) introduction to a historic team and helped arrange a few friendlies for our revival 2016 season with their academy side, due to Master Oliver (you know the good one) Jameson whom plays for Hambledon and began his cricket career, was going to provide an exciting 20-20 match.
As July 5th approached my role as team coordinator began to hit a few snags:
· A vast and talented squad that Abramovic himself would be proud of, found very few available….. guessed that as not many response’s following my mail on June 27th
· Collier-Skipper. Had to attend a prom night… he gave me warning and I forgot…. Match Fine for both of us
· Grizzer – had an anniversary… Match fine for lack of commitment
· Sam new boy Yearsley (HISC member) – Had gun wharf on his mind and cancelled late… big fines - hehe
· Oliver (The good one) Jameson had a treat to go and watch England V Sri Lanka at the Rose Bowl – fine for Dad Jameson because of poor planning
· Mark Beefy (Off to Liverpool) Mcmurrugh – fine for going north,

However, an exciting new crop of Racqueteers emerged with Max (JP’s Grandson) Trueman, Oliver Boniface and Hugh Thomas. The ever green JP, Vince (the special one) Venus, Matt (Club Champ) Bolton, Andrew (bad father planning) Jameson, Josh (the quitter as heading back to uni beginning of July not end of September, as father to tight to allow him to undertake 3 year degree as most do and making him read it in 2 years….. or maybe it’s because he is quite bright) McMurrugh, Myself James (whom certainly will not be challenging for the no 2 spot in the batting line up any time soon) Grant, along with two players from Hambeldon, won the toss and opted to bat first. We of course wanted to bat first as the wicket looked a batter’s paradise not that we were short as Matt Bolton had to hold the fort as Mrs Boulton was out earning a crust for the family…

Once the Racqueteers knew they were batting the senior team members got together and decided the batting line up. There was a many a heated conversation about who should open as everyone was so keen….. however youth gave way to the experience and guidance of the senior players and the following line up was agreed:

1. Josh McMurrugh
2. James (I know hahaha) Grant
3. JP
4. Mr N Jones – Guest
5. Andrew Jameson
6. Hugh Thomas – Debut
7. Oli Boniface – Debut
8. V Venus
9. Master Jones – Guest
10. Max ‘JP’ Trueman – Debut
11. Matt Boulton

As Josh and James walked out onto the crease the mostly young side was quaking in their shoes to the site of these swashbuckling batsman. As Josh faced their opening bowler, the first ball was low and fast and went whizzing by to the wicket keeper. Josh did not raise an eye brow and promptly dispatched the next ball for four. The rest of the over was seen off accordingly as he scored a further four runs and had Grant scampering between the wickets. As the 2nd over beckoned, another under 16 bowler started to warm up and Grant was poised to face the quickie, as he took his stance the ball went flying by…. 2nd ball somehow went for 2 runs and then as the 3rd ball hit the hard wicket Grant went to leave as the bails fell……… Don’t believe the absent Racqueteers openers will be worrying about their positions…..

The ever green JP joined Josh in the middle to steady the ship and the crowds saw his elegant flashing blade stoked the ball majestically around the field as Josh attacked their bowling, both reaching double figures. As they both fell to good bowling, our guest Neil Jones kept thrashing and missing as Jameson hit a good 25 and retired, all apart from a dubious ball that was caught, however did he play into the ground or not, Jameson was seen asking the fielder and umpire!!???

Next up were two of the young debutants Hugh Thomas whom found a couple boundaries and Oliver Boniface who defended some fierce bowling. As Oli went to hit a fantastic shot over the oppositions Veteran positioned in mid-wicket, his only leap of the day saw him make a fantastic catch.

As Vince came in with 6 overs remaining, he informed the team that any balls wide or short would be dispatched accordingly……… A fantastic inning saw him retire with one ball to go of the game. Finally, Max came in to make his batting debut, and saw off the last ball, to bring up 111 – for 7 wickets and 2 declaration’s.

With the Racqueteers taking the field, the opening bowlers of Grant and McMurrugh looked ready for business. Grant took the first over and with his 2nd ball found the middle stump. Whilst Josh peppered the batsman from the other end with some aggressive bowling, he was unable to find the stumps. With Grant bowling tightly down the hill, both opening bowlers finished with very tidy figures. Grant 3 – 0 – 11 – 1 & Josh 3 – 1 – 8 – 0, a maiden in 20-20. Very impressive.

Next Up was Vince (the special one) Venus and Matt (Club Champ) Boulton. Vince quickly found his stride and was matching the most potent bowling seen over the evening and finally gained reward for his excellent bowling and a wicket fell, figures 3 – 0 – 12 – 1. Matt Bolton who made his bowling debut, bowled fantastically well, certainly no sign of someone who had not turned his arm over for a few years. The highlight of his spell, was Oliver Boniface’s fantastic catch fielding at cover. The ball looped over his head and as he ran back caught with his left hand over his shoulder, quite brilliant.
Matts figures finished

As Matt’s bowling finished and we entered the second half of their innings, the Hambledon Academy side required over 8 runs an over, and the Racqueteers could sense Victory. The excellent effort to the opening bowling and the quite remarkable first time wicket Keeping from A Jameson, an excellent containg job was achieved. As Jameson’s slow and steady bowling finally saw another breath through. Matt Bolton took on the Wicket Keeping duties and again showed some fine ball stopping, so the gloves were not quite as coated in Teflon as Jameson described.
Jameson was joined at the opposite end by another Racqueteers debutant Max (JP’s Grandson) Trueman, whom managed a very respectable figures of 1 – 0 – 0 – 8 (3 of which were wide). With some fantastic fielding from Max Trueman, who was everywhere and Hugh football skills on the boundary, the Racqueteers were fighting to the finish as this talented Academy side from Hambledon began to gain momentum. As the scores bagan to get closer, the fielding bacame extremely tense, However with some of the young Hampshire talent beginning to find the boundaries, even the excellent efforts of Hugh (Football Cricket) Thomas and our guest Neil Jones, could not contain the batting and we were beaten with only 1 over to go.

A gorgeous evening in the downs was enjoyed by all and the opposition look forward to taking us on August 16th and have asked to play at theirs the 2nd week of September to end the Season.
With 3 young debutants all making an impact during the match, some excellent team work and diversity with the playing roles. The future looks very bright for the Racqueteers.
Thank you Mrs Jameson for organising

Fines as follows:
Josh: Getting out, No Wickets, Going back to Uni and Nominating me to write the report
James: Opening the batting, Dropping Match Fees, Scoring only 2, Dolly Drop and Outfield
By Nephew
Andrew J: No Byes when keeping & Clean takes, bad parental management and giving son tickets 20-20 at Rose-bowl
Matt B: Late arrival, saying he could not bowl or wicket-keep
Vince Venus: Slipping and Sliding Fielding, swashbuckling batting
JP: More Flexibility avoidance
Hugh Thomas: Baseball Bowling and Football Fielding
Max Trueman: Showing his grandfather up in the field
Oliver Boniface: Showing his uncle up in the field

Seacourt Squash Leagues Anew! - Through September

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…presided over by Dictator Flippence


- All matches are best of 5 games, First to 9 points, English scoring.
- Please use the contact details provided to contact one another and agree a mutual date & time to play your match.
- Match fees are charged at a standard court rate (£4.40 peak time or £2.50 off peak)
- One point for each game won and an extra point for winning the match overall. i.e a 3/2 win gives the winning player 4 points and the losing player 2.
- If players are tied on points, there will be a countback of games won/lost. If still tied the player who previously won the tie will be placed above.
- Top player from each league will be promoted (if possible!) with the bottom player being relegated!

Any queries, including if you want to play in Leagues starting September, please contact Aaron on 02392466122 or

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Men's Doubles 2016

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Come rain, come shine!

The Lawn Tennis “Men’s Doubles” matches were dramatically fought out over the long weekend 8, 9 and 10th July.

Aptly coinciding with the Wimbledon “Men’s Finals” on Sunday 10th, the ultimate accolade was won by Joe Dodgson and Vince Venus.

They slogged their way through three sets and searing temperatures to win against Hugh Latham and Paul Weaver, in what proved to be an extremely challenging finale, with both sides trading blistering first serves intermixed with exhaustive rallies… that delighted and enthralled the spectators!

The match was expertly umpired by Matt Boulton.

The Plate was won by Ian Collier and Graham Cottle, beating Mark Mc Murrugh and Tom Dipple in a close two set match.

Many thanks go to Caroline MacDowell and Hugh Latham, of the Lawn Tennis committee, for scheduling the event… and to all those players who entered.

The next Lawn Tennis Tournament is the “Parent and Child” knock-out challenge.

Please find draw attached here…

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