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Men's Club Singles Tournament

Posted by Seacourt Tennis Club at Sep 8, 2016 9:24AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Rise to the challenge!  *Men’s Singles Tournament.*
The Lawn Tennis “Men’s Singles” matches were dramatically fought out over the weekend 3rd and 4th September.
Although there were only 6 entries the quality of the tennis was superb, with some great matches.
Neil McCue showed his skill by beating Vince Venus comfortably, to set up a semi final meeting with Hugh Latham.
The other side of the draw was a complete contrast with Mike Garside beating Ivan Snell in a tight 3 set match, setting up a semi final against Joe Dodgson.
Sadly after only 4 games Neil had to retire injured after turning his ankle when Hugh lobbed him.
In the other semi Mike took the first set on a tie break then Joe broke early in the second when rain stopped play. They resumed the next morning when Joe took both sets and set up a repeat of last year’s final.
The final was expertly umpired by Caroline MacDowell and had some excellent exchanges between Joe and Hugh, but Hugh raised his level to win more of the important points, taking the set 6-2. Sadly again, Joe injured his Achilles tendon and had to retire giving the title once more to Hugh.
Hugh can now be known as the Novac Djokovic of Seacourt… as all his opponents have retired injured after playing him (as in the US open) and also being number one for a very long time… Well done Hugh!
Many thanks go to Caroline MacDowell and Hugh Latham, of the Lawn Tennis committee, for scheduling the event… and to all those players who entered.


Please find here Entry Forms… For Junior Entry Forms please see reception.

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Dear Parents,

After School Clubs (Junior sessions) start the week commencing Monday 5th September.  This will be a 7 week course running until Friday  21st October.   As always, places are limited – and of course payment secures a place on a first come, first served basis.

We always endeavour to offer the best and most accommodating junior programme across all the sports at the club, and to this end we ask that you indicate all your children’s availability in the after school times, so we can put on the appropriate amount of sessions and with your children with others of similar standard.

The new consent and booking forms contain two important additions. Firstly that participants have read or understand the recently-published Club Codes of Conduct, so that all parties know what is expected of them. Also, an important manifestation of our Child Protection policy; the session sign-in/sign-out policy. Juniors have always been integral to the fabric of Seacourt and we’d sooner put our hand in the fire than impede their usage or development but we must ensure to make it safe, which this procedure aims to. 

Please recall that if your child is not a member of Seacourt Tennis Club each course costs a little more, and with Junior Membership available from £43.00 per year, it is well worth your while.

Best wishes,


Tel: 023 9246 6122

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The Seacourt Tennis Club Rules and Regulations and By-Laws

The Club is a proprietary club, the proprietor of which (subject to these Rules and Regulations) is SEACOURT TENNIS CLUB LIMITED

The proprietor will provide the Club with suitable premises in Victoria Avenue, Hayling Island, and everything reasonably necessary for carrying on the activities of the Club in accordance with its Aims and Objectives and these Rules.

1. Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Club will be:
• Upholding the Seacourt Charter – A framed copy is on the wall in reception area
• Preserving and encouraging the playing of Court games, by offering coaching and competitive opportunities in Real Tennis, Rackets, Squash Rackets, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Racket Ball, Table Tennis and Padel Tennis;
• Lend support to other Sporting and Fitness activities including, but not limited to Fencing, Karate, Circuit Training, Petanque, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Ballet & Dance;
• To promote the Club within the local community;
• To manage the Club and provide Court facilities in a top playing condition for future generations;
• To ensure a duty of care to all members of the Club;
• To provide a Bar and Catering service under the applicable licence provisions;
• To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.

2. Membership
(a) Membership of the Club is open to anyone interested in participating in Court Games or other aforementioned activities, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

(b) The membership shall consist of the following categories:
• Gold Member – Can participate in all racquet sports at anytime
• Silver Member – Can participate in all racquet sports, except Real Tennis at anytime
• Bronze Member – Can participate in all racquet sports, except Real Tennis on Weekdays from 9am to 5pm
• Under 28 – Can participate in all racquet sports at any time, whilst aged under 28*
• Under 18 – Can participate in all racquet sports at any time, whilst aged under 18*
• Under 12 – Can participate in all racquet sports at any time, subject to the restrictions in the Junior Code of Conduct, whilst aged under 12*
• Country Member – Must reside 30 miles or more away from Seacourt. Can participate in all racquet sports at anytime
• Ancillary – Ancillary sports only. No racquet sports or use of Gym. Social use of Club.
• Fitness – Use of Gym at any time and Social use of Seacourt
• Fitness Plus – Additional Fee for Gym use, in addition to existing Membership
• Life member – All activities excluding Gym

  • Age at time of paying for annual membership.

© Members in each category will pay membership fees promptly to the Club either monthly or annually
If the subscription of any member shall be unpaid for one month after the day upon which it is due, the Board may at their absolute discretion, treat the member concerned as ceasing to be a member of the Club, whereupon they shall be deemed to have resigned.

(d) Individuals shall be eligible to take part in the sporting activities at the Club and be eligible for selection of any Club team, assuming that the applicable Membership Subscription has been paid by the due date and/or membership has been agreed by the Board and that affiliation to any necessary National Association is current.

(e) A member shall have the privilege of personally introducing guests to the Club premises, but the same guest shall not be introduced more than three times in the same year, nor shall such member introduce more than three guests on any one day. Members will be responsible for guests so introduced and no guest may remain on the Club premises after the member has left.
(f) The Proprietor may expel from the Club any member whose conduct is such as shall in the opinion of the Proprietor be injurious to the character and interests of the Club or render the member unfit to associate with the members of the Club. Before being so expelled the member shall have the right to be heard and state his case before the nominated disciplinary committee. A member expelled shall forfeit all privileges of membership and all rights against the Proprietor.
(g) The Club shall open at such times as may reasonably be required by the members at the discretion
of the Proprietor.
The permitted hours during which intoxicating liquor may be supplied in the Club premises shall be the general licensing hours for the time being in force in the licensing district in which the Club premises are situated (including such hours as any special order of exemption) or such other hours as may be authorised under the Licensing Act 2003 or any statutory modification thereof for the time being in force.
(h) The proprietor reserves the right to close the Club if the attendances do not warrant keeping it open.
(i) All members of the club shall abide by these Rules and Codes of Conduct that the club has adopted.
(j) These Rules may be revoked, added to or amended by the Proprietor with the sanction of the Board.


1. No bicycles or scooters or skateboards may be ridden anywhere on the premises beyond the carpark.

2. No member or guest shall change clothing for sports or other activities other than in the formal changing rooms.

3. Dogs may be brought into the Club at the discretion of management, but must be kept on a lead and under the control of a responsible adult at all time.

4. Children under twelve years of age are not permitted in the Club premises unaccompanied, except as authorised by the Board for the express purpose of receiving instruction.- See Junior Code of Conduct.

5. The parking of members’ cars must be orderly and as directed and in the Club carpark when space is available.

6. Members must refrain at all times from making undue noise when leaving the Club premises to the disturbance of the neighbouring locality.

7. The courts may only be used by ‘playing members’, recognised guests and others under instruction.

8. Any complaints against a member of the staff shall not be a matter of personal reprimand but shall be reported to the nominated officer of the Club.

9. The staff are authorised to use their discretion in refusing to supply intoxicants to any member or guest.

10. Staff are instructed not to give credit.

11. No member shall use the courts unless properly attired as defined by National Associations and wearing the correct non marking footwear.

12. Lawn tennis shall only be played between 9am and 10pm in accordance with Havant Borough Council planning consent for the courts.

13. The property of members found on the premises and bearing no identification as to the owner must be claimed within one month, failing which the Proprietor shall be authorised to dispose of the same in its absolute discretion.

14. The Proprietor cannot accept any claim for loss of belongings or valuables on Club premises and cannot take responsibility for items left for collection by others.

The document Code_of_Conduct_ALLpdf.pdf was attached to this post.

The Ballad of Westbourne

To Westbourne strode the Racqueteers,
With keen intent and purpose,
Desperate to rectify
Results that did besmirch us.

We came upon their comely ground,
With boundaries most inviting.
Our mighty warriors, Seacourt’s best,
Found prospects quite exciting.

To win the toss would be the key
And bat first on this wicket.
Up strode Collier I with the coin,
Finest tosser in all cricket.

Our captain did not disappoint.
The coin was in cahoots.
Two hearty yeomen donned their pads
And went out to fill their boots

McMurrugh M and Webber A
Smote the leather orb at will.
These warriors of the cricketing kind
Flat-batted fours until…

Webber A fell leg before.
The umpire’s call was rash.
McMurrugh M soon followed him in.
We feared a batting crash.

Boulton M played all around
The straightest ball in history.
How mid wicket caught out McCue N
will long remain a myst’ry.

Soon 38 without a loss
Became 51 for 4,
Heads once held so high and proud
Now resting on the floor.

Fear not, dear reader, as this is not
A sporting tale of doom.
As Gorbin A and Massey S
Went in to lift the gloom…

6, 6, 6, the ball did fly
To places far asunder.
No not the number of the beast;
A sign of Seacourt’s plunder!

A partnership of force so brute
The scorer could not record it,
So many balls lost to field and roof
Westbourne could scarce afford it.

Mighty blow after every blow of might,
The cherry flew all around,
Til Massey S reached a century’s half
and was persuaded to stand down.

Gorbin A went for 36,
But by then the work was done.
Jameson A added a swift 17
And the score reached One Five One.

The tail it tried its best to wag.
Trueman M scored a handy brace.
Young Venus V tried a second run,
But sadly lacked the pace.

Grant J, so often the bridesmaid here,
Was due a change of luck,
But spooned a dolly down the pitch
And was plucked like a golden duck.

So the innings chuntered to its end.
Racqueteers totalled One Five Five -
A healthy score, the best this year.
The match was much alive!

A quick turnaround was now required,
As light was fading fast,
and Trueman M was due in bed,
By nine with thirty past.

Could Westbourne match the Seacourt score
Or chance get anywhere near?
“No way” said every Racqueteer.
“Our bowlers they will fear.”

That was until Grant J’s first ball,
Which didn’t seem too dextrous.
Wide followed wide and then no-ball.
It seemed they’d win through Extras.

As Grant J battled through the yips,
No sign of line nor length.
A wide, no-ball and then four byes;
The team whispered “Give me strength”.

But undeterred, Grant J strove on,
Resolved to end the over.
A wide, a curse, another wide,
But then Grant J’s in clover!

The element of surprise won out.
All part of Grant J’s plan?
He pitched one up, right on line.
By God, he’d got his man!

That wicket, though, was not the norm.
It turned out just a fluke.
Grant J, he bowled so many balls,
They thought the lad would puke.

But Grant J battled on and on,
His muscles getting tighter.
By the time his spell had found its end,
Grant J was two stones lighter.

At the other end, young Venus V
Just couldn’t buy a wicket.
One ball, which reared up off a length,
Was smashed into a thicket.

The pitch didn’t help young Venus V.
The bounce became a farce,
Leading Collier I to demonstrate
A keeping masterclass.

More batting scalps they failed to get;
Wellar G was Westbourne’s anchor.
His 50 runs the Racqueteers cheered,
WIthout a hint of rancour.

After Wellar G had said farewell,
Westbourne began to struggle.
As night drew in, the shots flew high,
But the fielders didn’t juggle.

Man after man held ev’ry chance
That from twilit heavens fell.
First McCue N and then Grant J,
And Jameson A as well.

Of all the catches that came that eve,
AJ’s must take the biscuit.
He seemed to run for half an hour,
And no one thought he’d risk it.

But over fields and through barbed wire,
Jameson A just ran and ran.
Not once did he lose sight of the ball,
That eagle-eyed action man.

And when finally he grasped the nut
As it fell out of the gloam,
The Racqueteers, they whooped and yelled:
They knew they’d make it home.

Tight bowling ushered Seacourt through.
Westbourne wickets fell in a flurry.
It might have been a different tale,
But Patel S was making curry.

As Gorbin A sent down the last
Westbourne’s score was One Three Four.
The taste of victory was sweet,
Racqueteers – losers no more!

To the pub the boys repaired,
Drinking toasts to their success,
Despite the barmaid trying hard,
Their spirits to depress.

Beer was quaffed and curry scoffed -
Patel S had fed the crowd.
The Racqueteers, to a man (and boy),
Had done old Seacourt proud.